Fort Wayne Car Accident Attorneys

Fort Wayne Car Accident Attorneys

Fort Wayne Car Accident Attorneys

One car crash can change your life forever. It can leave you with debilitating injuries, expensive medical bills and maybe even long-term psychological impacts.

When it’s time to start picking up the pieces after a car wreck, it’s time to contact a lawyer at Finderson Law, LLC.

As tireless advocates for injured people, our attorneys are committed to helping car accident survivors with their financial recovery. We have more than 20 years’ experience representing accident victims, as well as families who have lost loved ones to deadly auto wrecks.

Our lawyers are ready to review your potential claim and explain your options for compensation. We are also ready to relieve your concerns and anxieties about pursuing a claim – and to help you bring your claim to the best possible resolution.

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What to Do after a Car Accident

Taking the right steps immediately after an auto wreck happens can be crucial to protecting your wellbeing, your rights and a potential claim. In general, here are the most important steps to take after a car crash happens:

  1. Call the police to report the accident  – Call 911 if the crash was serious or if anyone was seriously injured in the wreck. Call a non-emergency line if the accident was more minor.
  2. Seek medical attention – Let emergency responders check you out at the scene. If an ambulance isn’t needed, be sure to get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. This is important to getting an accurate assessment of your injuries (and to getting the treatment necessary to preventing additional health complications).
  3. Remain at the scene – If possible, leave your vehicle (and any other wreckage) where it sits until photos are taken and/or police have the chance to investigate the crash. If the accident occurs in the path of traffic, move to the shoulder (or a safe area), and wait at the scene until police arrive (and until they give you the OK to leave).
  4. Gather information/evidence as you wait – Take pictures of as much of the damages as possible. Exchange driving and insurance information with the other involved motorists (or parties). If there were witnesses to the crash, try to get their names and contact information as well.
  5. Do not apologize or admit fault for the accident – When discussing the accident with anyone (at the scene or after), only talk about the facts of the crash. Never admit blame or even apologize for the crash. These admissions and apologies can be used against you later try to pin the fault for the accident on you (even if another party may have caused the wreck).
  6. Report the accident to your insurance provider – After you leave the scene, file an accident report with your auto insurance provider. Don’t wait too long to do this because your policy may have strict deadlines for reporting crashes.
  7. Keep everything – Retain any and all information or evidence you gather or receive related to the crash. This can include your crash photos, as well as police reports, letters from insurers, doctors’ bills, car repair bills, etc. You may even want to make copies or create electronic backups of this evidence (in case anything gets misplaced later). Also, it’s a good idea to keep all of this in a central place (like a file folder) so you can readily access it at any point moving forward.
  8. Contact a lawyer – An attorney can be an important ally in the aftermath of a car wreck. A lawyer can explain the law, your rights and the available legal remedies.

Of course, serious car accidents and severe injuries may prevent you from doing anything but getting medical care after the wreck happens. In these situations, the best thing to do – once your health is no longer in danger – is to contact a lawyer.

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How a Lawyer Can Help You with a Car Accident Claim

An experienced attorney can be extremely helpful when it’s time to recover from a car crash. In fact, as you focus on getting medical care and healing, a lawyer can oversee all of the work necessary to building you a strong claim. This can include (and is not necessarily exclusive to):

  • Determining all parties that are liable for the accident
  • Obtaining the various pieces of evidence that are essential to establishing liability
  • Working with the insurance company to ensure the claim is not compromised
  • Aggressively asserting victims’ rights to recovery throughout the case
  • Bringing a car accident claim to the best possible outcome.

At Finderson Law, LLC, our Fort Wayne lawyers are experienced at resolving an array of car accident cases, including (but not exclusive to) those that involve:

  • Impaired driving, including drunk driving or drugged driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Reckless or aggressive driving
  • Hit-and-runs
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorists
  • Faulty vehicle equipment
  • Head-on collisions and rear-end accidents
  • Fatal auto accidents
  • Other types of wrecks.

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If you or someone you love has been hurt in an auto crash, contact a Fort Wayne car accident lawyer at Finderson Law, LLC to get answers about your potential claim. Call (260) 420-8600 or email us to set up a free, no obligations initial consultation and discover more about your legal options for financial recovery.

Our attorneys are diligent, dedicated problem solvers who are skilled at partnering with clients to understand their specific legal needs and help them achieve their legal objectives. With us in your corner, you can count on receiving superior representation and effective advocacy at every phase of your claim.

You can also count on us to work tirelessly to relieve your stress, build you the strongest possible case and fight for the maximum financial recovery.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about your legal options and how our representation can make all the difference in your claim.

You won’t be charged any fees unless we obtain a recovery for you. This means that you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain by contacting us to find out more about your legal options.

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