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Fort Wayne Personal Injury AttorneysNo matter how careful you may be, accidents happen. Sometimes, these accidents can result from the careless, reckless or negligent actions of someone else. When that happens, there may be various legal remedies for holding the negligent party responsible – and for seeking compensation for the accident-related losses and injuries.

The Fort Wayne lawyers at Finderson Law, LLC have more than 20 years’ experience advocating the rights of the injured and helping them hold negligent parties accountable. Diligent, dedicated and compassionate, we can help you build a strong personal injury claim and pursue the financial recovery you deserve.

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Car Accidents

If you’re regularly on the road, whether driving or as a passenger, the chances are that you’ll be in at least one car accident in your lifetime. While the aftermath of a car accident can be difficult, so too can knowing that your wreck could have been prevented if not for some act of negligence.

When it’s time to identify all negligent and liable parties for a car accident, an attorney at Finderson Law, LLC can provide invaluable help and insight. Our lawyers can also help you defend your rights and interests as you proceed with your claim, minimizing the possibility that insurance companies (or others) will try to compromise your financial recovery.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle wrecks commonly cause catastrophic, if not deadly, injuries. While any number of factors can cause motorcycle accidents, the negligence of motorists is commonly to blame. In some cases, equipment manufacturers, repair shops and other parties – in addition to negligent motorists – can also be responsible for compensating victims.

Filing a motorcycle crash claim against the liable party (or parties) can help injured riders pick up the pieces and secure the compensation they need to restore their lives.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be caused by the negligent actions of truckers, other motorists and trucking companies. In some situations, negligent shippers or equipment manufacturers may also be to blame.

Figuring out all available legal remedies after a truck accident can require the help of a skilled lawyer at Finderson Law, LLC. And that can be pivotal to setting up your claim, as well as your financial and overall recovery, for success.

Premises Liability

When accidents occur on others’ properties, it’s important to determine whether the oversights, carelessness or negligence of a property owner was involved. Whether you were hurt in a public or private setting, you may be able to hold the property owner, building manager or someone else accountable for contributing to your accident and injury.

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