Fort Wayne Adoption Attorneys

Fort Wayne Adoption Attorneys

Adopting a child can be an enriching experience. It can also be complicated, as the preparation and petition process can involve a number of steps. Knowing how to properly navigate the process can be central to:

  • Avoiding mistakes that could result in costly delays or denials of an adoption petition
  • Getting through the process as efficiently as possible so you focus on your new child and growing family.

At Finderson Law, LLC, our lawyers are skilled at helping individuals and families pursue adoptions in Indiana. Whether you are preparing for an agency adoption, an interstate adoption, a foreign adoption or a private adoption, our attorneys have the knowledge and resources you can rely on for effective representation throughout the process.

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Indiana Adoption FAQs

Getting answers about the adoption process can be important when you’re deciding whether to adopt a child and what type of adoption to pursue. It can also be the key to taking the right steps as you move forward with an adoption petition.

While we encourage you to contact us for answers specific to you and your adoption plans, here are some helpful answers to common questions about adoptions, the process and costs and how an attorney help you.

Appealing a Denied Adoption Petition  

When an adoption petition is denied, figuring out the reason(s) for denial can be critical to fixing the mistake(s), pursuing an appeal and getting the denial reversed. While adoption petitions can be denied for any number of reasons, some common grounds for denials include:

  • Failing to complete or pass the background check
  • Failing to complete the required training
  • Failing to establish financial means for taking care of a child.

The experienced, compassionate adoption attorneys at Finderson Law, LLC are ready to review the facts of your situation and identify the reason(s) your petition was denied. We are also ready to help you do everything necessary to pursue an appeal and position it for a favorable outcome.

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With more than 20 years’ legal experience, our attorneys are diligent, dedicated problem solvers who are skilled at:

  • Partnering with clients to understand their legal needs and goals
  • Customizing our services to meet our clients’ legal objectives
  • Protecting our clients’ rights and interests.

With Finderson Law, LLC, you can count on receiving superior representation and personal legal service throughout the adoption process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about your legal options and how our representation can make all the difference in your adoption case.

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