5 Mistakes to Avoid after an Auto Wreck

Mistakes to Avoid after an Auto Wreck

Mistakes to Avoid after an Auto Wreck

A car crash can leave you confused, hurt and upset. If you know what to avoid doing after a wreck happens, though, you can start taking the right action to protect your rights, as well as an upcoming claim for compensation.

In general, here are the most important mistakes to sidestep in the aftermath of an auto (or traffic) crash.

Mistake 1 – Not reporting the accident to police.

No matter how minor a crash may seem – and regardless of whether you feel injured, call police after a car crash. Police (and other law enforcement officers) can help victims get the care they need and redirect traffic while the wreckage is cleared. Responding officers can also:

  • Investigate the crash, taking pictures, talking to the involved parties and witnesses and gathering other evidence that may help you when it’s time to file a claim
  • Issue an official accident report that can also help establish fault.

Mistake 2 – Not taking pictures of the crash scene.

The pictures you take can capture important details like (but not necessarily limited to):

  • The weather and road conditions at the time of the crash
  • The point(s) of impact associated with the collision
  • The nature and severity of the damage caused by the wreck.

Consequently, photos can go a long way to proving liability. They can also be helpful to establishing the value of a claim by depicting the extent of the damage.

Mistake 3 – Apologizing after the crash or admitting fault.

Apologies and admissions of fault can serve as a basis to argue that you are liable for the crash. As a result, these statements can hurt your claim, possibly reducing its value (or preventing you from being able to collect compensation for your losses).

So, be very careful about what you say after the wreck. Though you may want to be compassionate or sympathetic to other parties involved the car accident, do so without saying “sorry” or accepting any blame for the wreck.

Mistake 4 – Not seeking medical attention.

Whether you see an EMT at the crash scene or you visit your doctor shortly after, getting checked out by a qualified medical professional will be integral to documenting the extent of your crash-related injuries. If you wait too long after the accident to see a doctor (or you don’t see a physician at all), you’ll give insurance companies (and maybe others) the opportunity to argue that:

  • The crash did not cause your injuries. Some other, subsequent event could have caused them.
  • Even if the crash may have caused the injuries, your injuries must not have been that bad because you didn’t seek medical attention until much later.

Mistake 5 – Not contacting a lawyer to find out more about your rights and options.

An attorney can be an invaluable advocate after a wreck. That’s because a lawyer can inform you of your rights, explain the recovery process and help you take the right action to position your claim for success.

Without a lawyer in your corner, you can run the risk of:

  • Making other mistakes that could devalue your claim
  • Giving away some of the compensation you deserve by accepting a low settlement offer
  • Not having the financial resources you may need to cover future medical treatments and fully heal from the crash.

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